• L Scott B, Speno Fitness Testimonials

    I can't say enough good about Kathy ... specifically, her ability to focus on two issues which I need (and I feel everyone can benefit from): Mobility and Stability. Not that I am 'old', but getting 'older' so I want to stay active and be able to stay active - thus mobility and stability. In the several years I've been going to see Kathy on a regular basis, I'm amazed that every day is a new and different routine. Variety is nice, yet she is able to also focus on the 'issue' I and my body have. Love it ... recommend it ...

    L Scott B
  • Tricia G. , Speno Fitness Testimonials

    I'm down 80# from dietary changes and able to be active and energetic after a steady program with Kathy! Thank you Kathy!

    Tricia G.
  • Amanda P, Speno Fitness Testimonials

    Kathy is absolutely wonderful! I have noticed a huge change in my body since I started with her several months ago. I feel much more toned, balanced, and strong. She makes the workouts fun and tailors the workouts to everyone's individual needs. Every day is different and I always feel like a million bucks when I leave! 5 stars but I would give it more if I could!

    Amanda P
  • Kathleen S, Speno Fitness Testimonials

    Kathy is one of the best trainers I've ever worked with. She is focused on injury prevention, which those of us at *ahem* a certain age, appreciate!!!

    Kathleen S
  • Lynnetta H, Speno Fitness Testimonials

    Since I have been training with Kathy, my whole life has changed, She infuses a feeling of confidence with her personal attention to your issues. I now can walk up and down stairs with no pain and have much better balance and a stronger core. She makes working out fun!

    Lynnetta H
  • Amanda B, Speno Fitness Testimonials

    Speno Fitness has done my body wonders! I'm a 27 year old athlete and runner, but I have seen her work with every body type and every age. She designs workouts that are inspired particularly for you and I could not be happier with the results. I would recommend this studio to anyone!

    Amanda B
  • Google User, Speno Fitness Testimonials

    Rick and I have been with Kathy for over 10 years. We both have lots of structural issues, but Kathy keeps us in working order! It's definitely fun to work out with the Butlers first thing Thursday morning and we are always finding new muscles that we didn't know we had by Friday morning. Our workouts are alway different and it's the kind of stuff you would never do on your own. Kathy knows her stuff and challenges our bodies, while focusing on what we individually need to remain strong and functional, hopefully for years to come. Thanks Kathy!

    Google User
  • Malcolm B, Speno Fitness Testimonials

    We had another great workout today with Kathy...She somehow finds a way to stress all muscle groups to the max. And, we actually have a fun time while being punished! You just can't get a similar workout on your own.

    Malcolm B


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