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We focus on you and your fitness needs.

Whether you are rehabbing from a sports related injury, or want to keep up with your grand kids, Kathy has a fitness plan for you.

When you choose Speno Personal Fitness Studio you will enjoy a personal training experience you can’t receive in a gym. The personal training programs Kathy designs complement the proper functional movement patterns of your body to increase strength, reduce pain, and prevent injury.

Step 1
You will fill out a questionnaire so Kathy can get to know you, your current health, and your fitness goals.
Step 2
You will meet with Kathy for a Functional Movement Screen. This allows her to design your personal training program.
Step 3
Rather than going to a crowded gym, you will train with Kathy, and other people of a similar fitness level, in a positive setting.
Step 4
When you meet your goal it’s time to reassess and set new goals for improved performance, fitness, and maintenance.

What is a Functional Movement Screen?

We ensure that you can handle the additional weight, impact, and movement your new personal training program will provide.

Most people want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When you begin an exercise program with a Functional Movement Screen you are kept informed of your abilities, as well as any limitations. Understanding your results, and moving forward with a well-designed fitness plan helps reduce injury while improving health.

The Functional Movement Screen helps us:

  • Provide you with a consistent and reliable testing method
  • Easily identify any movement limitations and imbalances you may experience
  • Improve efficiency, durability, and performance in physical activities you would like to participate in
  • Provide an enhanced foundation for exercise and performance training

“After my second stay at the hospital for cardiac issues, I finally stopped kidding myself. At 43, overweight and unhealthy, I knew my sedentary lifestyle and poor nutritional choices were shortening my life. So, I decided it was time for some changes. The most important of those decisions was reaching out to Kathy. 4 months after committing to following Kathy’s fitness plan I was down 40 pounds and achieving goals I could have never fathomed attainable. As my fitness goals have changed so has Kathy’s approach to my workouts. She always keeps in mind what I’m training for, be it a cycling event, half marathon or duathalon. I am certain that this approach has maximized my performance. I truly appreciate the personalized fitness plan that Kathy provides. As I reflect over the last 3 years of working with Kathy, I can only get excited planning future goals knowing she’ll be there to guide me toward success.”

—Mia Boyle